You Matter, Complete the 2020 Census.

With the start of every decade, the U.S. federal government conducts its constitution mandated census. The beginning of this decade has been trying for all Americans alike. With the current state of the environment, it is imperative that every American is recognized in the 2020 Census.

Aside from providing the U.S. government with population statistics that determine state representation at the federal level, the Census is used to allocate several billion dollars in federal funds, it is often a business determining factor in regards to choosing a location for factories, shops and offices and it helps healthcare workers and first responders get the resources they need to adequately support their communities.

In order to continue making Dauphin Island prosper through providing pivotal resources to business owners and residents as well as increase tourism, we need full representation in the 2020 U.S. Census.

Complete the census at Do it for the Town of Dauphin Island, for our first responders and healthcare professionals, for the youth in our community, but most importantly do it for YOU!