Dauphin Island Will Recover & Be Stronger

Local business owner and President of the Chamber, Trish Kerr was interviewed for this APR story - click here to read the full story - comparing our recovery of the BP Oil Spill to the current Covid-19 crisis.

“Ten years and we’re going through something like this again and stuff. It’s amazing,” says Trish Kerr. She and her family have run The Sand Box souvenir store on Dauphin Island since 1974. On a recent afternoon, she looked past the “Closed” sign on her door at a quiet beach highway.

"I’m not trying to dwell on what’s happening now,” she says. “It’s just very ironic that it seems like it’s 10 years and we’re going through it again, but in a totally different way.”

On Dauphin Island, Trish Kerr says the experience of the oil spill and hurricanes will help Alabama’s Gulf Coast weather this storm.

Click here to read the full story.