Dauphin Island Town Beach Parking Fees/Rules 2022 Updated

If you are planning to visit the Dauphin Island beaches this season there are some new parking rules you and your family need to know about! These new rules apply to West End Beach, East End Beach, and Middle Beach.

The fee for a regular passenger car is $10 per day. There is no extra charge for passengers in the car. For oversized vehicles such as RVs, Busses, cars pulling trailers, etc. the fee is $20 per day. The fee for walk-in-ins or cyclists is $3 for the day.

Island residents do not have to pay to be admitted. Please provide proof of residency with a Driver’s license or Dauphin Island home address. The “Beach” decal issued by the Dauphin Island Police Department will also allow access to the beaches.

Non-residents are able to purchase season passes for the beaches. The fee is $150 and the pass is issued to the person, not the vehicle. Any vehicle that the season-pass holder is in will be admitted to the beaches. The pass holder's ID must match the non-resident season pass card or the non-resident season pass list. Guests in the same vehicle as the pass holder will also be admitted free of charge.